/ / Multi 23 Trimaran (2009) Sailboat Ventura Califonia

Multi 23 Trimaran (2009) Sailboat Ventura Califonia

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  • Make: Multi 23 Trimaran
  • Type: Trimaran
  • Year: 2009
  • Location: Ventura, California, United States


Multi 23 Trimaran (2009). Oversized rotating rig. Professional conversion from centerboard to daggerboard. Kept on a newer aluminum boat trailer in Ventura harbor, easy to launch. Trailer and newer Honda 2hp OB included. Mylar main and jib, and spinnaker, in good condition. Boat is clean, normal wear/tear from sailing.

Large waterproof storage locker in bow accessed via a water-tight hatch at front of cockpit; Open side storage bins in cockpit; 10 foot cockpit; Can be sailed or raced with only two; Room for many more for pleasure sailing; Mast, hulls, and beams demountable for trailering; Costs less than and outperforms ANY comparable boat on the market.

More about the Trimaran Multi 23:

French Designers and manufacturers: Van Peteghem; Lauriot Prévost

The Multi 23 is versatile; from an exciting trailer-sailer for day racing or weekend family fun, cruising along the coast in optimum safety and simple comfort.

The design of Multi 23 is based on the most innovative ocean racing 60’ trimarans, and will fulfill the expectations of all who are young at heart. The large volume of the floats (200%) with a well forward repartition, offers the crew a safe margin to push the boat and sail on one hull in ideal conditions. The center hull with fine water entries and flat aft section offer minimum resistance to water and excellent fore and aft stability and maneuverability. The beams, made out carbon, provide great stiffness that transform the power of the sail into speed and response.

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