/ / 1959 Wooden Carver Boat. Survivor. Complete. Original.

1959 Wooden Carver Boat. Survivor. Complete. Original.

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Carver Boats
  • Year: 1959
  • Location: Tioga, Pennsylvania, United States


Squeaky clean Pennsylvania title and hull number recently issued. No selling complications here.I spent months of grief getting a title even after folks told me it would be impossible to title. PA assigned the boat a hull number as I could not find one from the factory. They instructed me to carve that # into the hull.I did not carve it in and will leave that up to the new owner. I have a document from PA assigning the hull#. Pretty neat.There is no paperwork or serial on the trailer but you can slap a plate on it, take it home and all states have trailer registration process for "custom" trailers OR can bring your own trailer, leave that one behind and I'll refund you $500.Note: transferring boat to another trailer will be done after the sale- please bring appropriate help and expertise for such an undertaking.
The motor is the original motor supplied by the factory. Apparently Carver offered the Evinrude Lark 35 as a package deal with the boat.This boat was brought in from North Dakota five years ago by a young family now residing in West Virginia. They could not manage to get it titled in WV so they kept the ND registration and ran the boat for a couple of seasons. I have not heard it run. The previous owner said it was powerful, fun and a conversation show stopper everywhere they took it. It started cutting out at higher RPMs so he took the carburetor off, sealed the hole on the engine and labeled the 3 or 4 hoses on the carburetor and that is how I bought it and how it remains. I would simply put the carb back on and change the coils IMHO. I will leave that up to the new owner. He did not disassemble the carb. Glad he knew when to call it quits.
Everything looks to be totally original and unmessed with. Its my understanding that the boat, motor and trailer were sold a a set at car dealerships back then. Buy your new car and for a nominal fee, we'll hook a boat up to with matching fins- Ah the good old days.. #2, #10 and #11 pics show the only damage or issues. The first is where one of my straps broke loose during transport and scraped some paint off in the port fin area as well as on the corner of the engine cowell(pic#2 and #11). The second is some very minor rot in the starboard rear corner(pic#10). The rest of the hull is amazing.
I offer absolutely no warranties on the craft, its engine, included trailer or its other operating systems and/or components. The buyer will provide all transportation of this craft from the inside of our barn to wherever. Craft must be removed from the barn within 30 days of the sale. Payment due one week from purchase to prevent nonreturnable retention of your $500 deposit due within 48 hours.
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