/ / 1970 wood deck Hondo ski/drag/speed original owner/builder 1 of 6 built

1970 wood deck Hondo ski/drag/speed original owner/builder 1 of 6 built

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  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Hondo
  • Year: 1970
  • Location: Simi Valley, California, United States


Less the engine it's $14000 With the 516 and complete it's $24000 That's with everything and running.
I ordered this boat from Hondo in the summer of 1969 and it was delivered at end of that year. Irv only made 6, some say 7 of these. I don't know what number this was only that there was at least one before it.I saw it and had to have one.
Ordered in Chrome Yellow with a Mahogany deck. As delivered it had dual glass tanks, cav plate.Add Casselli Steel strut, rudder and fin. The hole for prop shaft was drilled for 10 degree v-drive.Other then that the hull was bare.Hondo was in No. Hollywood at that time and so was my shop.All the installation hardware was machined in my shop from prime aluminum. It was all polished and then anodized. (Looking at it now I can't believe I made that engine plate on an old 1/2 hp Bridgeport.)Finishline cav plate hardware (progressive ratio), cable steering. All bolted together with Joe Factor 12 point SS bolts.Casale 10 degree V-drive with eccentric coupler on K-monel shaft. A 11.5 x 15 2 blade steel prop.A 21 percent overdrive for the blown engine and 9% for the Weber carbed one.A 1350 drive shaft with steel cover.As originally raced with the unblown gas 427 and 9% gear boat ran right at 100 mph.Then in '71 with the 468 blown gas engine the thing ran about 115 until I had Ray Casselli set the cav plate and make a couple of starts with it. Thereafter it ran 124 MPH. I have never changed that adjustment since then. Who could do better than 007?Truth be known runs over 120 scared me. So I went off and did something safe like racing Formula Atlantic cars.The Boat sat in the shop for a few years except I set it up for skiing with a 454 and seats, wet exhaust.It got used at most twice a year sometimes none. Somewhere around 1990 I broke some main bearing bolts. Damn factory short block. I built a MK IV Bow Tie block 516 inch. We skied with it a few times until '94.That was sort of it and this time it sat The last registration was 1996.One side rail rotted and spots on the deck appered. The engine only had about 5 hours on it then. But I thought I'd freshen it up and go down on the cam timing. Plus change from a Dominator to two AFB's on a ram manifold.Specs follow. The bottom and stringers are excellent, bottom does not need to be floated. there is no structural damage to the hull anywhere or ever was.Turns out I can't get along with wood. I'm an engineer, machinist and engine builder. So I didn't Like doing this deck. Actually the woodwork isn't bad it's the epoxy work. It's on to thick and needs to be sanded down and polished. If I never see another piece of sandpaper it will be to soon.So that's where I stopped. The deck is now South American Rosewood. A lot sexier then the mahogany. All the mechanical has been renewed I have some seats fitted but they don't really fit the theme. The Russell SS tanks ( I replaced the glass ones, don't remember when) have been cleaned and all the hoses redone. The AN fuel lines are new the oil lines checked out fine. The water hoses were done in silicone with barb fittings. The Neovane water pump has new impeller. There is a Jones Mech tach and SW gauges, The throttle pedal is a Sanger with Morse cable. The tandem trailer was also built in my shop and was built very low so we could tow fast. You can't do that anymore but back then we did. The tires have 20 miles on them. There are pressure type grease fitting on the wheel bearings. It still has a black plate.
Engine specs:MK IV Bow tie block, Bored to 4.530 decked to .010 All race mods and oil passages drilled. Ground inside and out. 4" 4340 forged crank. 4340 rods with 7/16 ARP bolts. Manley forged pistons with small domes, double Tru arc retainers, 10:1 compression, pump gas. JE rings. ARP main studs and all balanced. The HV blueprinted oil pump draws from the front of a custom Aviaid 10 qt oil pan with built in scuppers and baffles. A Milodon remote oil cooler with HP1 filter AN lines both water and oil. A Comp Cams solid roller cam and lifters driven by double roller chain. Degree to 107 ICL. Crower made the custom pushrods to the length I needed to get geometry right.The Crower SS roller rockers are on ARP studs. The Dart 320 heads are CNC ported and hand blended. There are 2.30 in and 1.9 EX SS valves. Comp cams roller springs and Crane retainers. Dart guides. ARP head studs with 12 Pt nuts and hard washers. The timing cover has a reinforcing plate for the Neovane and I machined things so that's used for the camshaft end play.A Mallory Unilite distributor and coil.The Tunnel Ram intake mounts two 625 CFM AFB carbs. I built a progressive linkage using Enderle parts. There are spark arresters. The fuel system is from the two tanks via #8 AN lines to a selector valve then a 130 GPH electric pump up to an inline filter then a Holley pressure regulator. Then #6 hard lines to carbs. I own an engine shop and this is my personal engine, so you know everything is right.The exhaust are Patterson double wall SS water jacketed headers. These cost over $10,000 new.On top of that I modified them with welded on water manifolds to eliminate the hoses.On my own Superflow 901 engine dyno I broke this in with a single 4 bbl carb. This is over 700 HP at 6800. Back in '71 that's all we could get from the 468 blown engine. On a good day.Now using the same gear and prop you're looking at 125 MPH boat. If you have never driven a flat bottom at speed this shouldn't be your first try.
Bottom line is if you want to do the paint (I have a gallon) and finish the epoxy the boat will be done.If finished to show like it will be worth 50K+ Just to build this engine with the exhaust, oil, fuel systems is over 30K.I'm not hard to find, I'm the owner of Latham Supercharger, Richard Paul 818 974 7300

Added the two pictures from yesteryear. One from Oakland the other from Bakersfield.Note Casselli in background.
Reduced from 35,000
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