/ / 14' aluminum fishing boat-trailer+EXTRAS or ''TRADE'' for ? Current registered

14' aluminum fishing boat-trailer+EXTRAS or ''TRADE'' for ? Current registered

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Lone Star
  • Year: 1955
  • Location: Sacramento, California, United States


READ ABOUT THE BOAT AND EVERYTHING AFTER READING THIS NOTE!! I AM OPEN TO LISTEN AND CONSIDER A ''TRADE', ,,, for what I don't know. If you want this boat and everything and don't have enough $$$, how about part CASH, anddd??? Orrrr???
1st off, ALL OF THE RODS AND REELS ARE ''NOT'' INCLUDED, just for effect in the pictures. Other than those previously mentioned items, YES ALL ACCESSORIES IN THE PICTURES ARE NEW AND INCLUDED.
I purchased the boat and trailer in the end of April 2018, and wasn't able to work on it behind my fence till May 1st (ish). The battery and motor are just over a year(ish) old, from a previous 'inflatable' boat.
The boat and trailer were both made in the USA, in 1955 by the ''Lone Star'' company. The actual trailer is original to the boat. Someone's painted it with a spray can maybe, overspray can be seen. The whole front end, winch-retractable wheel-ball clasp have been replaced not that long ago, maybe last 4-5 years? Both the trailer's tail light assemblies are NEW as of last month.  All 3 trailers tires are in great condition. The spare tire/wheel has NO miles on it, while the trailers too look great, maybe 250 miles driven since my ownership these past 5 months.
The boat, (considering its age of 63 years young), is in Awesome-Great condition. Of course scratches, 'dings', green interior paint peeling, but obviously has NEVER been severely bent or punctured and/or repaired. This boat was very-very 'STRONG and SOLID and RIGID' when built in 55,,, and is still very-very 'STRONG and SOLID and RIGID' today. NO rust areas inside or outside the boat. The 'dinged' area on the keel's front area, was in the past where the trailer's spare tire was attached-placed, and was sticking out and dinged the boat. Absolutely NO-NO-NO leaks from that ding. I cut that off the 1st day I was able to, that way when ''I'' got it, again in April only 5 months ago. The boat is 600-800lbs, NOT flexing or twisting or weak, VERY SOLID. NO damage seen/noticed underneath.
I am very 'OBESE', and notice the forward seat's mounting clamps are 'BOLTED'? This is why. I sit forward and fishing partner drives the boat. I' am over 300lbs, and fishing partner is 240lbs, and notice-see the BIG MAN'S swivel seats just for fishermen like us? This boat has what some might say, 1st class seating room stretching available. A 3rd person is also not a cramped issue, and again, very very firm-solid boat seating.
Oars are again new and only 2-4 months old but never used. I have been purchasing ALL of any ''boat'' items in the last 5 months. Notice in more than a couple of the pics, on the bow, a HUGE clear plastic bag holding the new ½'' x 50' anchor rope. It needs to be installed on the front 'Anchor Lock' device.
All of the accessories, 5 rod holders, 2 Anchor Locks, 11 clamp mounts, 3 drink holders, a 3 in 1 mount, a small table with multiple item holder, the special GPS Fish Finder mount, are ALL of the Scotty Fishing Family are 100% 'interchangeable' with each other. The way I took the pics, is the way we generally place them when we go out, but place them where you please.
Last year I got the ''INTEX'' 45lbs thrust trolling motor, runs like a dream. Also at the same time, from Batteries and Bulbs, is a Duracell 75 amp 'DEEP CELL'' marine battery? It's hidden inside the MINN-KOTA battery box. It's got several things to do with running social phones on the top and sides?
Both the pinks are both up to date, registered till next Dec 31, 2019 and the trailer another 4+ years I think till 2023?
There is absolutely nothing wrong with the boat, or anything associated with it!!   The reason I'm selling it is because ''I'' haven't been paying attention to bills, and now need to let go my quickest-best-easiest asset and pay them off forever.
I have over $3,000 invested, in everything boat related, but that includes tax's and penalty late fee's not disclosed by previous owner. The seats alone are $250 each, etc etc. The Garmin Fish Finder over $125 and never used or understood how to use it.
I'm being realistic, and know that I will never get my initial $$$'s back, but so new of items? So many items? Everything's new-legal-clean, above board?
I'm going the ''Best Offer'' route of course, and start asking the amount of $2200, or Best Offer and get back to me with your counter-offer folks?
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