/ / Affordable Bayliner 2452 Ciera Express with trailer and nearly new motor

Affordable Bayliner 2452 Ciera Express with trailer and nearly new motor

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Bayliner
  • Model: 2452 Ciera Express
  • Year: 1999
  • Location: Eddy, Texas, United States


2452 Bayliner Ciera Express, with nice aluminum trailer (both titled and registered)

Let me tell you about our great boat. Bought this used in 2010 when my three kids were smaller. We had dozens of adventures on it, sort of a Winnebago on the water. Lots of fishing, skiing, tubing. It’s got some age on it but most everything is stock and works/serviceable. I really would rather keep it, but kids grow up, and now my wife and I find ourselves as empty-nesters with all three kids in college at one time and no one has any time for adventures anymore. In addition, I don’t feel comfortable crewing it all by myself- it’s all good on a good day, but it’s so big you want another set of hands/eyes with you on a bad day- especially if the wind is kicking up and you’re trying to get it on or off trailer, in narrow berth, etc. Or maybe I should just be a better Captain!

In 2014 or 2015 we were out running full speed and I started seeing mist come up from the engine compartment. I opened it up and the compartment had taken on water due to a cracked rubber intake connector and ruined the whole motor. I spent over $10,000 on a new motor and lower unit back then which I purchased direct from the factory and had a local Bayliner service department replace everything. All of that paperwork is included. I have serviced, maintained and repaired all through our time together. Well, having spent all of that I’m like $25,000 into it but what happens next is my twin boys start doing three sports a year and we get out maybe 3-5 times per year. This last year they were so busy it was only twice.

We had it out this fourth of July weekend, the whole family, tubing on Stillhouse Lake in Central Texas, had a great time, no issues, until I got home and noticed that the main fuel tank was leaking into the bilge. I’ve tinkered with the fuel system and it appears to be leaking from the tank (I think it’s 96 gallon or something).

Anyway, that will need to be addressed (beyond my skills) or bypassed. There are two compartments to either side of the engine compartment that you could easily get say a 15-20 gallon or more fuel tank into and just reconnect the hoses/sending unit. I can start it here with an auxiliary tank or show you with a bit of starting fluid, it will start right up- engine is essentially new. Next things in order that should be addressed:

Windows- every few years we’ve noticed some leaks from the big front windows. I pop them out, reseal, good for a couple of more years in the Texas sun- prob needs to be done again (but we haven’t had rain in months so…). The side windows also tend to leak at the corners and this is due to dried out weather stripping. If you store it or cover it or it doesn’t rain well it doesn’t matter but when it pours they are going to leak into the main cabin. I just couldn’t find the right weatherstrip over the years (or the time) and it’s probably a day job to remove the windows, repair and replace.

If I were to buy it I would address those issues soon, and if it doesn’t sell and I end up keeping it, well I’ll find the time sometime. Other issues that should be or could be addressed at your convenience; few scuffs here and there, some trim pieces like cup holders and little vent covers need replacing, upholstery has worn in places, horn doesn't work, carpet could use a cleaning, one bilge pump needs to be replaced, the macerator (the sewage chewing pump) hasn’t worked in years (we agree no #2s on the boat, just #1s), toilet seat, undercoating could be freshened up or repainted, water heater disconnected as we never used it, all of the bases for the rails have cracked over the years but they stay in place- tell your kids to stop leaning on the rails like I have for the last decade). That's all I can think of. Really, pretty minor stuff.

I think my original plan was that my kids would leave, I’d handle it well, keep it and fix all of those issues, park it in a marina a few weeks a year and use it here and there until grandkids came along. But, the way life is going I don’t think my original plan is going to work, one of them is playing quarterback in college, I have a ranch, great career, lots to keep me busy and I just have to be a realist and let her go. I cleaned it out, found tiny old swim shoes in the compartments, took down the photos of the kids and cried for about an hour (so, enjoy your kids while you have them, because your babies are going to grow up and leave).

I didn't wash it for the pics. It will clean up better than shown. Anyway, there are other 2452s on Ebay for $18-22,000. I’m a realist, mine isn’t worth that, and I’ll let you decide what it is worth. My kids are gone, it’s just going to sit, things will that don't run stop working, every year the wasps will figure out how to get into those little ports, etc. So, I'd like another family to use it and enjoy it as much as we did.

Hull is solid, no issues, trailer is hydraulic brakes, no issues, 2 ¼ ball. Have the original cover/windows/doors to enclose the whole back deck, there’s a marine radio, nice fish finder/navigation system, stereo, compass, TV/DVD, CO2 sensor, fire alarm, it sleeps three-four adults pretty comfortably (and I have crammed 2 adults and five kids into it believe it or not for a week!), fridge, stove, microwave, sink, shower, hot water heater, lights -all dated, but all work. You can run this off shore power, but when we were out fishing all night anchored in lakes, etc., I could run the whole boat less the ac with a 1K Honda generator. If you use the ac, a 1K will run it fine, but you won’t be able to use the other higher draw appliances. A 2K would prob do the trick.

I have a nearly new (less than 10 hours) Nissan Marine long shaft 9.9 hp kicker motor I often took with us just in case (it’s too big to paddle back to the dock) that I would let go for another $1,500 if you want to negotiate that as well. Standard payment issues we can work out and when I’m comfortable that the funds have cleared and are secure you can pick it up and I’ll sign the titles over to you. You can pick it up or I'll work with your shipper to pick it up and take it to you (I have noexperience with shippers).It’s registered and insured currently and I’ll keep the insurance on it until you get it home to protect us both. If you get here and I’ve missed something or you want to back out of the deal once you’ve inspected, I will respect that.

Honestly, there’s nothing like camping on the water, have fun all day, cook them dinner, wash them up, put them in bed while you all watch a DVD and get up and do it all over again. It’s got a lot of life and adventures left, fix or bypass the fuel tank and you’re on the water tomorrow, and you’ll just have to tinker with the other issues as time permits. I've set the price at the lowest I'm willing to take for it which I think is quite reasonable for what you are getting. I'll put the money toward tuition. If it doesn't sell, I guess I'm going back to Plan A and fixing all of that myself and keeping it. I think I need to move on with the next chapters of my life though, so good luck bidding!

Options and Standard Features


  •  A/C: Included (blows cold, use it every trip)
  •  Dinette: Included
  •  Fridge/Freezer: Included
  •  Head: Included
  •  Hot Water System: Included (not hooked up)
  •  Microwave: Included (older, works, showing age)
  •  Pressurized Water System: Included
  •  Shower: Included (back deck)
  •  Sink: Included
  •  Stove: Included (electric)
  •  Anchor: Included
  •  Bait Station: Included
  •  Bait Well: Included
  •  Camper Canvas W/Screens: Included
  •  Fish Boxes: Included
  •  Rod Holders: Included
  •  Swim Ladder: Included
  •  Washdown: Included
  •  Battery: Included
  •  Battery Charger: Included (I think this needs to be replaced)
  •  Battery Switch: Included
  •  Circuit Breaker Panel: Included
  •  Cockpit Lighting: Included
  •  Engine Kill Switch: Included
  •  Shore Power Cords: Included
  •  Stereo: Included
  •  Shore Power (110V. AC): Included
  •  Trim Tabs: Included
  •  Compass: Included
  •  Depth Instrument: Included
  •  Fish Finder: Included
  •  Bilge Pump: Included (one needs replaced)
  •  Bright Cockpit Lighting: Included
  •  Fire Extinguisher: Included
  •  Grab Rail: Included (all pot metal bases need to be replaced, cracks)
  •  Horn: Included
  •  Life Jackets: Included

Basic Information

  • Year: 1999
  • Make: Bayliner
  • Model: 2452 Ciera Express
  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Cruiser (Power)
  • Use: Not Specified

Length / Beam

  • Beam (Feet): 8
  • Length (Feet): 24

Hull Type

  • Hull Material: Fiberglass


  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Engine Make: Detroit block (Ford/Mercruiser supplier), new in 2014/15, used little since, has all paperwork, every single part and component replaced, all documented, only one oil change!)
  • Engine Model: 5.0L
  • Engine Hours: ca. 100 (mechanic didn’t re-hook up hour meter I believe as it doesn’t spin)
  • Cruising Speed: 27
  • Max Speed: 35


Water Hold (Gallons): 20

UPDATE 20 AUG: I had all of the exterior seats reupholstered a couple of years ago, so they are pretty nice. The toilet pump works to suck in lake/sea water and flush into the main holding tank. It's just the macerator to chew it up and spit it out the side from the tank that needs replacing (it's way under the rear deck and super hard to get to, so we just emptied the holding tank at the RV places along the way- just clarifying. That's my lucky tiger fishing shirt. Kids haaaaated it, embarrassed them, but...I always caught more fish...love your kids, but that doesn't mean you can't screw with their heads while fishing.

I have a "Sweet Sixteen" personal shrimp net that you drag behind the boat (legal in Texas). It's big, heavy, cost about $500 as I recall when new, I think I was more enamored with it than the kids, but it is the grim reaper of the sea and you can't imagine what it pulls up, to include shrimp, crab, bait fish, et al. I don't know what I'll do with it now, so if it sells I'll throw that in for free.

Lastly, this is a big, heavy boat. I pull it with a Dodge 3500 4x4 dually which we use for the ranch. I guess a 1500 would pull it but I would think it would struggle. You really need more truck than a 1500 or F150, especially when pulling out of the water on ramps. Just some advice.

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