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Reelfoot Lake Boat Calhoun Boats Tiptonville Tennessee Duck Hunting Boat

  • Make: Calhoun Lake Boats
  • Location: Lobelville, Tennessee, United States


The Reelfoot Lake Boat, or "Stump-Jumper" is the oldest tradition at Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee. Four generations of Calhoun's built these unique boats and they are a true collectors item. They are featured in numerous museums all over the country, including the Smithsonian Institute and are also still used on Reelfoot Lake and and numerous other bodies of water to this day.Designed to help navigate the many trees and stumps in Reelfoot Lakethese boats are unique in every way. The slim design and shallow draft of these boats were perfect for navigating the shallow waters of Reelfoot.
W..W. "Bill" Calhoun, his grandfather Boone Calhoun, and his great grandfather Joseph Calhoun, all carried on this tradition of boat building for almost a century. Around the 1930's the first lake boat was equipped with an inboard motor and rudder system. Shortly after that, inboard motors were a regular item on Calhoun's lake boats. There is a long steel plate under the prop that allows the boat to smoothly glide through downed trees and stumps without damage to the prop.
This approx 16.5 foot boat has an 8 HP engine with battery assisted start and everything is in good working order. The boat has been shed or shop kept for many years and has no signs of wood damage or rot. The trailer and tires are in fair to good condition. Not many of these left and very few on the market. This is a duck hunter's boat and if you want to glide through the marsh or swamp or the hazards of Reelfoot, this is your boat.
Boat can be inspected at Crooked Creek Tennessee near Lobelville, TN. Contact seller for info.
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