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J-Hydro Racing Boat Hull Hydroplane

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  • Location: Monrovia, California, United States


For sale is a Junior Hydro hull. This hull has never been used. No motor is being sold with this hull, nor has any motor ever been attached. I have no idea if this hull is certified for "official" J-Hydro racing today. The hull looks like it's wood wrapped inside and out in fiberglass. CORRECTION: The hull is fiberglass with a few pieces of wood laminated into the fiberglass in small sections to reinforce the longer sections. This hull is at least 10 years old. It's over 9 feel long and about 4 feet wide (this is a guess). It probably weighs in about 200 lbs. The hull was built by J.H. Performance Boats' Sport Marine division. I don't believe the division is in business anymore. In one picture, I have lifted the hull up so you can see that the underside shows no sign of wear.
This would be an interesting project for someone to add a small outboard motor to this hull and cruise around a local lake. I bet it could be quite fast. I put my son into the boat for scale. He's 19 years old and almost 6 feet tall. The reason his knees are up toward his chest is because there is what looks like a throttle pedal mounted inside the hull. CORRECTION: The pedal that can be seen in the pictures is NOT a throttle pedal but rather a trim switch. The small piece of wood that you see in the pictures looks like it's there to cover the two trim switches. I don't know where you would install the throttle. If this pedal were to be moved toward the bow (and made into a throttle pedal), you could probably stretch your legs out. In the racing versions I've seen, the driver doesn't sit in it but rather kneels. Kneeling would not be very comfortable but what race device is? As a weekend toy, it would be much better to put a seat back in the hull, move the throttle pedal and drive it that way. There is a long padded seat in the center of the hull so if you made the back moveable, you could accommodate a child or an adult no taller than 6 feet.
In the back section, you will see an indentation with a strap. I assume this was intended to hold the fuel tank. The steering wheel is attached to a push/pull cable so I suspect that it wouldn't be difficult to attach this cable to the small outboard motor. There doesn't seem to be a specific space for a battery but you will note that there's a considerable amount of space behind the driver.
If you're interested I have a small (single slot) jetski trailer (California title with current registration) that I could sell for an additional $750. I don't know how much more I can tell you about this item but if you have questions, please send me a message.
One last thing. This item is for sale in Monrovia CA. I will not ship it because it's too big to put in a crate so you'll have to come to Monrovia to pick it up. This boat would be an absolute blast on Big Bear Lake.
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