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pram dinghy plans and full size patterns

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  • Condition: New
  • Make: Sail'n'Oar
  • Model: PRAM DINGHY
  • Type: Dinghy
  • Year: 2016
  • Location: East Cowes, United Kingdom


The pram dinghy is a well known type of small boat, popular to world over. Originally built in the clinker/lapstrake mode of construction, as they are still in various places. Being blunt at both ends and generally wide for their length, prams afford good carrying capacity.Many, like this pram, have flat sections and this does not impair the performance of a small boat. Consider the Optimist dinghy, the S.F.Pelican and of course Grand Banks Dories. Like the Dory, this boat has flared topsides which aid stability under load and keeps her dry.The Sail'n'Oar Pram first designed and built in the 1950/60's by John Sheen, has now been up-dated and added to his range of "easy to build" boats.With this new design, building jigs, frames and formers have been totally dispensed with, and no lofting or mathematical scaling from drawings is necessary.The Sail'n'Oar FULL SIZE PATTERNS are simply marked around on the plywood sheets and the panels cut out.From the first moment you pick up your tools the boat is being built, instead of the usual hours preparing, quite often, constructions that allow the boat shape to be built over it, and later discarded.
The comprehensive BUILDERS MANUAL which accompanies the full size patterns is easy to understand and is full of sketches and colour photographs of every stage of the build. The boat cannot be built with the manual alone, you will need the patterns.
The basic design for a rowing boat can normally be completed by a novice handyman, or woman, in a couple of week-ends.It is a three thwart model with two rowing positions, and will carry four persons.It is worth considering installing the dagger-board case in the basic model as this would save considerable time and effort if it was decided to convert to a sailing model at a later date.
The Sailing Pram takes a little longer to complete with the addition of the two buoyancy chambers, keel, rudder, spars etc, but approximately eighty hours should suffice.The rig is very simple having an un-stayed mast, a boom and yard. Rigging is minimal comprising only of a halyard, downhaul and main sheet.The sail is a balanced lug sleeved on the yard and loose footed. All spars will stow inside of the boat.
This pram makes an ideal tender, and can be stowed on deck or in davits.She is also lightweight and easy to transport on a small vehicle.
There is always a Designer/Boat-builder on hand at Sail'n'Oar to offer advice or instruction during the building.An email cost less than wasted materials.

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