/ / 1972 Boston Whaler Outrage 21

1972 Boston Whaler Outrage 21

  • Make: Boston Whaler
  • Model: Outrage 21
  • Type: Center Console
  • Year: 1972
  • Location: Kewaunee, Wisconsin, United States


BOSTON WHALER 1971/1972 OUTRAGE 21(Photos taken 6 JUL 18)
For sale is a beautiful 21', yacht quality, classic Boston Whaler Outrage, the rarest, most sought after, most classic model of all the classic Whalers. This is the boat that began Whaler's famous series of Outrage models, so named because of it's distinctive design for it's time. The boat is all original, well taken care of for almost half a century, and believed to be one of the finest examples of this famous boat still in existence. The boat is a sister-ship to an identical, well known 1971 Outrage 21 that I also own, but is not for sale. See last photo.
This is a real Boston Whaler with all its original components in place, and this boat has not been traded around/flipped through the online Boston Whaler community.
Nor is this boat a restored "beater", either by an individual or a marine restoration company. Actually, the boat is not restored at all, but rather simply well maintained and upgraded to be in much better than factory new condition. The hull topside has never been removed and re-assembled. It has never been bottom painted, never top side painted, both indicators of something you want to stay away from with a classic Whaler. All gelcoat and non-skid floor is original, in excellent condition, with high gloss. Over the years, some unwanted holes from screws and accessories in the floor and side gunwales had to be filled and re-gelcoated. The entire bottom of the boat has no trailer damage, nicks, chips or scratches, and with original high gloss gelcoat. This is literally a like new hull right out of the mold. Even the original bolts at the rubrail, holding the top casting to the hull casting, are original and with no corrosion.
Both boat and engine are 100% freshwater use their entire life, trailer kept, stored indoors, and only used in the short summer boating seasons of western Lake Michigan. There was a 20 year period where the boat was stored, not used at all, and in the last 6 years has only been used about 10 hours. The boat is not in current use, and will not be in the near future.
There are far too many excellent details to describe here. The photos are worth 1,000 words, but suffice it to say everything on the boat is original and/or new top end yacht quality fittings and equipment. Everything you see, you get, including flags, rod holder fender system, courtesy lighting, Whaler tan battery box. new 1000 CCA battery, etc.
All systems, components and accessories on the boat are brand new in anticipation of this offering, and are the best you can buy. This was Boston Whaler's original build philosophy which has been maintained. Included is modern electrical apparatus, wiring, and lighting, specially designed concealed mount hydraulic steering, all new Mercury OEM engine controls, rigging and full instrumentation, Ritchie premium Navigator compass, VHF radio, SS rail fittings, new seat upholstery by Anderson, and new canvas by Wm Mills Co. All of the new teak components, plus all original teak and mahogany, are highly varnished, with newly caulked highlights and seams. The full length mahogany under gunwale covering boards have been correctly re-installed, with all factory nails, a poor original detail, eliminated. These "ceiling" boards are one of the most beautiful and distinctive interior features of this model.
The semi-classic engine is a 1993 2.5 liter Mercury V6 200, with approximately 295 hours since new, not re-built, not re-manufactured, with original high gloss factory paint. It is mounted on a brand new black anodized aluminum height adjustable jack plate. Compression is 119-122# across all six cylinders. The oil injection system works perfectly, as does power trim, with no bleed down. Propeller is an SS Mercury Laser II in 23" pitch with anti clutch-rattle hub. Two removable on-deck stern quarter fuel tanks, connected by a 4 way selector valve, hold 19 gallons each. A third selector location and installed fuel line is included for a 24 gallon tank under the Pilot Seat, as used in the BW Montauk 17's. The engine is very quiet running, extremely powerful, and accelerates the boat quickly, will loaf along at 3000 RPM and 30 MPH, and with a top speed estimated to be 55-60 MPH. There is plenty of power for larger group on-board outings or water ski/sport towing.
The 2004 Continental tandem axle trailer carries the boat easily, on 10 Stoltz polyurethane keel rollers with SS shafts and stabilizing side bunks. The frame is all welded structural steel channel design, then hot dipped galvanized, no corrosion or rust at all, no squeaks, and in like-new condition. Most bolts and U-bolts are stainless steel, the tires are 14" radials, practically brand new. Tiedown Mfg "G-5" SS rotor disc brakes, will aluminum calipers and new ceramic pads, recently replaced. This 4400# capacity trailer is in condition for any cross country travel. Many other owners of these boats use this same trailer, a perfect fit for the hull, which is extremely easy to launch and retrieve.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own one of the few remaining, all original, non-molested examples of this most famous Whaler model, basically a 47 year old new boat. Other "Ribsides" in this condition that are for sale simply do not exist. Most of these remaining classics that superficially look good are actually old neglected "project" or Government owned boats, purchased for low cost, and repaired and topside painted over by restoration shops or "do-it-yourselfers". Almost all are done with "damage covering" bottom paint and not anywhere near to original design and equipment specifications. They often are re-fitted with homemade/aftermarket consoles, seats and fittings. With this classic boat, it should be "Less is More", clean, uncluttered and all original. This boat maintains that objective.
If you are a long time classic Boston Whaler owner or afficionado, and have been looking for one of these rare boats in turn-key condition, this may be the only opportunity you will ever have. If you keep this boat maintained, it will be an excellent investment. However if your boating lifestyle requires keeping a boat out in the weather, in the water and with bottom paint, this is not a boat for you. Bottom paint will immediately cut the boat's value to the classic community, and your investment, in half. If you need a boat for extensive installation of offshore fishing equipment, this is not the boat for you. Fishing gear clutter, outriggers, downriggers, trolling motors, baitwells, etc. and the damage to the boat their installation causes, reduces value and demand. This is a boat to be well taken care of, enjoyed, loved and appreciated for recreational boating with family and friends. It is an American made Classic to be preserved, with American made power. Classic boat shows are even an option for presenting this boat. This classic Whaler should continue to be kept on its trailer and stored indoors, or dry stack stored. With its yacht quality original design and appointments, it is also suitable and appropriate for use as a classy Megayacht tender. I know of one such yacht that carries two of these boats on board as tenders.
No matter where you go with this boat - classic boat show, upscale marina, dockside restaurants, a launching ramp or even fuel stops, people will be drawn to it with admiration.
Contact through Ebay Private Message so I can determine you are an interested buyer. Then we can talk, which I highly recommend. A long list of detailed information on boat is available to a serious buyer (in my determination) on request. A $1000 down payment is required within 7 days, payment in full to be arranged between buyer and seller. The boat is stored indoors in Northeastern Wisconsin, within a reasonable radius of the area between Green Bay and Milwaukee. The boat can be moved to a mutually acceptable inspection site if necessary. $500 of deposit will be returned if you decide within 21 days not to proceed upon your own inspection or professional survey.
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